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Hauling Cast

A haul is actually a pull or tug on the line which is usually carried out during the back cast or the forward cast. It increases the speed in the line, enabling you to make longer casts with much less strain on your casting arm.

You can also use it during the pickup to ease the line off the water with a shorter stroke than you'd generally need. When a caster hauls during the pickup, he's generally doing it because he is trying to pick up and back cast a long line, one so long that he just does not have sufficient rod travel in his pickup-and-back cast to get the job carried out.

Before you make your single haul, make certain you have sufficient slack between your line hand and the reel to permit the longest haul you can make without yanking line off the reel during the haul. To haul around the pickup, start pulling on the line directly away out of your rod hand the instant you commence the pickup.

Your haul should accelerate in time with the rod's acceleration, and it should have its abrupt stop in the identical instant because the rod. Should you do not need a haul during the pickup, save the line speed you'd have used on the pickup for the back cast.

To complete this, delay your haul until the line-to-leader connection starts to come off the water. Then accelerate your haul as you accelerate the rod, finishing both the haul and also the back cast abruptly at the identical instant.

The double haul cast is slightly different than the single haul. With a short, downward pull; draw down about five to eight inches of fly line on the back cast. Bring your hand and the line back up. Let the fly line unroll behind you like in an overhead cast.

Make your second haul in equal length as your 1st haul. Do this in the acceleration in the forward cast. Bring your hand holding the fly line speedily forward as in case you have been shooting your line. That completes the cast.

The double haul cast is good for getting you extra distance during your casts.

The Double Haul Cast

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